Using A Printing Company To Self Publish That Novel You've Finished

Posted on: 1 July 2015

Long gone are the days you have to rely on a publisher to publish a book. If you have a dream of becoming a widely read other, it may actually be more lucrative and productive for you to publish your book. This doesn't mean you have to send your book to some far away printing press either. Thanks to advancing technology, most mainstream printing companies can help you publish your own book. The following are services that are now offered by most printing businesses:

High Quality, Fast Printing Options

If you have your book formatted and saved to your computer, you can simply bring in a flash drive with your book file and have it digitally printed on several high volume printers. Digital printing a book on high volume printers doesn't mean the quality will be bad either. Printers are now able to print images and beautiful finishes at high speeds, and it doesn't matter the weight, type, or length of the paper being used. For mass production, you'll want to get a bid on several different materials, including different binding options, covers, and paper. This will help you get the right amount of copies for any pre-orders of your book that you may have.

Design Services for Book Printing

The nice thing about working with a local printing company on your book is that they have experienced designers to help you design your book. If you have a particular image you want to customize and use on the cover of your book, for example, they can upload the image and alter it digitally. That could include enhancing the picture, changing colors, or adding print on top of the photo. Once you've had a custom design for your book put together, you can have the print company save the version on their system and have them alter it for future editions. 

Distribution Services and Advertising

You have probably heard of printing companies providing flyer mailers for businesses. They also offer advertising, including fliers and mailers, for people who use print-on-demand services. They can help you print, bind, package, and mail your book to distributors all over the world. If you are acting as your own distributor, they can keep a list of stores that keep your books, and mail them directly to those locations each month.

Thanks to better technology and more services at local printing businesses, it's now much more cost effective for writers to self publish. If you've had a dream to be a writer, you can count on making more money on your product if you have the time to publish and distribute it with the help of a local print shop.

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