2 Reasons To Have Your Security System Installed By A Professional

Posted on: 1 October 2015

Your two main choices when looking for a new security system are to purchase and install an off-the-shelf model or to have a professional security service, such as Calgary Triton Security, provide one for you. While off-the-shelf models are a good choice, a system from a security service provider offers a few key advantages that you will want to keep in mind. This type of security system can provide you with follow-up assistance and intelligent placement of all of the security system components.

Follow-Up Assistance

One of the biggest weaknesses of an off-the-shelf security system is that there really isn't any follow-up if your alarm goes off. In most cases, the system is only there to let you and your family know if there is an emergency or an intruder. 

However, a professionally installed system from a security service can offer a variety of follow-up services. For example, if the security system sounds the alarm, it will also often notify the security service.

In that situation, the service will attempt to contact you in order to determine if you need help or if the alarm was triggered by mistake. If the service cannot reach you, or you confirm via the phone that the triggered alarm was not an accident, they will contact the police and send them to your home.

In the event that the security system detects a gas leak or fire, the service will also send the local fire department to your house. In some cases, the security service will even send some of their own security personnel to your home in order to follow up on an alarm.

Intelligent Placement

Another reason to have your system installed by a professional security service is because they will be able to determine the best possible placement for every part of your security system. A big reason for this is that the security service will have access to a wealth of research and experience that allows them to determine the parts of your home that are most vulnerable and adjust the placement of security components accordingly. For example, if you have a backyard that is mostly hidden from view, the security service will take extra care to place additional sensors, lights, and cameras in the yard in order to discourage intruders.

Speak to a security service today in order to discuss which type of system would provide the best protection for your home and family. A professionally installed security system can provide you with a system that has all of the components placed in the optimal locations, while also providing follow-up services in the event that the alarm is triggered.