3 Common Issues With Mitsubishi DLP Televisions

Posted on: 11 July 2016

Mitsubishi DLP televisions give you an affordable option for a very large screen TV for your home. These televisions don't come without any problems. Here, you will learn a few things that may go wrong and what you can do to prevent common problems.


This type of television utilizes a lightbulb to produce the image on the screen. This lightbulb will burn out over the years. You have three options –  

  1. Replace the bulb yourself.
  2. Pay a repair technician, such as at TVhomeService, to purchase and replace the bulb.
  3. Buy the bulb and pay a technician to replace it.

This is actually a very easy repair. You simply have to remove the screws on the back of the television on the bulb compartment. Then, you slide the unit out and replace the bulb while wearing cloth gloves to keep the oil on your hands from sticking to the bulb and shortening the life of it. Once the bulb is in place, you slide the unit back in place and replace the screws.


When you turn your television on, you should hear a slight humming noise. This noise is the sound of the fan blowing to keep the lightbulb cool. If you hear the sound getting louder, you need to clean the fan. Dust and debris will become entangled around the motor and cause it to work harder and eventually fail.

To clean the fan, remove the bulb compartment and use a can of compressed air to blow the fan unit clean. If somehow hair has gotten entangled around the fan, you will have to carefully remove it using a pair of very pointy tweezers.

DLP Chip

One component that has gone bad on several of these televisions is the DLP chip. If you see small white dots forming throughout the picture, the problem is likely the DLP chip. If you don't mind the white dots all over your picture, the chip can be left un-repaired. If those little dots make you kind of crazy, the chip can be replaced.

This type of repair is typically best left to the professionals as it is an internal component and if you mess up the repair, it can cause more damage to the unit that will cost you more to replace.

Anytime you question what is wrong with your Mitsubishi DLP television, contact your local television repair technician. He or she is trained to diagnose and make the repairs quickly.