Play With Your Phone And Make Money: Apps That Rake In Cash Or Giftcards

Posted on: 4 January 2017

Anyone with a smartphone will attest to the fact that it is a giant time-killer. Like social media pages, you could spend several minutes to several hours playing on your phone and using apps. How about you actually make some money with apps rather than spend it? New mobile and smartphone apps that help you earn dollar rewards and giftcards are all the rage now. Here is how these apps work.

Free to Download, Free to Use

Apps that make money are typically free to download and free to use. This is because the rewards you receive are offered by companies who pay to participate in the apps' programs. They garner advertising and more publicity in every consumer's hands via these apps, and they often benefit when consumers purchase their products. Because you do not pay for the app and you have the opportunity to earn money using it, the app(s) are very enticing indeed.

Product and Rebate Apps, Coupon Apps, and Background VPN Apps

There are three types of money-making apps you can add to your phone or tablet. 

They are:

  • Product purchase and instant rebate apps
  • Coupon apps
  • Background VPN apps

All of these work just a little bit differently than the others. Product purchase and instant rebate apps require that you purchase the items featured in the app, and then scan that and the store receipt into the app via your device's camera. After "x" amount of dollars has accumulated, you can choose to be paid through online cash delivery services (e.g., Paypal, Dwolla, etc.) or select a giftcard in a certain dollar amount. The giftcard is often delivered electronically, so you have to watch your email for it.

Coupon apps give you a cents-off or dollar-off rebate after you scan the item. The app may verify your location before giving you the rebate so that you are not just scanning random items in your cupboards at home. Some coupon apps are directly linked to retail stores, prohibiting your purchase of these items from another location. Still, to get money off and get money back on items you buy all the time, it may be worth it to change up your shopping habits.

Background VPN apps request your permission to load and run in the background on your phone, These apps collect data on your internet activity and pay you handsomely for allowing them to track your online presence. Some people are fine with this (especially given the amount of money you can make every month) while others are not. However, if you are a "rated G" type of person when it comes to internet usage, having these apps run in the background can rack up a nice little paycheck within just a couple of months.

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